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Certified language and pronunciation training – German as a foreign language

Deutsch im Dialog

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When it comes to German, I’m your partner.

Marie Luise Kretschmer, tutor for German as a foreign language since 2001

My aim is to support you professionally and effectively in learning German, to give you insights into German culture, history, and politics, and to get you excited about the German language – with varied and practical lessons. In the best case, you, too, will find a new home in the German language.


  • I have many years of experience as a language tutor, including over 10 years at the Goethe-Institut in Berlin, with personal tutoring at all levels. 
  • As a natural scientist, I am accustomed to linguistic precision and effective methodology, and the climate and environmental protection are important topics to me.
  • As a European, the European family of languages, with its common vocabulary, is close to my heart. 

Being aware of these common roots will help you to learn the German language in its European context.

German is my native language. I speak English and French, and am learning Italian.

Marie Luise Kretschmer

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Institutional references

Goethe-Institut, Düsseldorf/Berlin

Technische Universität, Berlin

GLS Sprachenzentrum, Berlin

VHS Volkshochschulen


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International one-on-one training

für Diplomaten, Führungskräfte, Wissenschaftler, Studenten und viele andere aus zahlreichen Ländern: Australien / Bahrein / Brasilien / China / Finnland / Frankreich / Hong Kong / Italien / Indien / Israel / Japan / Kanada / Korea / Libyen / Mexiko / Namibia / Neuseeland / Norwegen / Polen / Schweden / Schweiz / Serbien / Singapur / Tschechien / Ukraine / USA / Vereinigtes Königreich / Zypern